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PLEASE NOTE: Due to a traction motor fault requiring attention, 40106 has been temporarily replaced by 50015 at the ELR on the 17th & 18th March 2018. The CFPS Engineering team worked on the loco last weekend, 10/11 March and are confident the problem is resolved, 40106 will be allocated a test run with 50015 on the 17th March. If the test run is successful, 40106 will be rostered the diesel turn on Sunday, 18th March. In any event either of the loco's are rostered the diesel turns of the Blue Timetable service on both days.

D200 Update

Lee Kenny and John Stephens are booked to return to The NRM on Friday March 16th. John will be Lee’s “chauffer and go fer” again and Lee will do the clever stuff and take another look at D200’s brake problem.
Shaun Wright, owner of 40013 ANDANIA, will be meeting John and Lee at York, so “hopefully” the 2 talented maintenance chappies will between them identify and resolve the problem that currently exists.
The purpose of course is to get D200 fit for travel to The ELR “40s at 60” event, scheduled to start on Friday April 13th.

60 Years of Class 40's

Having completed issue number 143 of the Whistler Mag, we are now finishing off a special publication which has illustrations of the 7 and a bit (40088 cab) survivors.
Andy Sparks has worked really hard compiling both the Whistler magazine and also this special edition publication, which has an image of 345 being delivered brand new on the front cover.

The anniversary book is in a similar format to the Whistler mag, except that it is landscape rather than portrait format.
The price is £3.50 from the sales stand at the event OR, if anybody can’t make the 3 day event at Bury, you can obtain a copy of the book for £3.50 plus £1.50 postage, and maybe throw in a donation?!

40s at 60 Event Update

The current situation with the visiting locos for the ELR Class 40 event in April is as follows...

40013 is glistening and in tip top condition and ready for a UAT Test.

40012 is having an oil change this weekend and then will also have a UAT Test.

The UAT test is scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon March 13th.

55009 is booked to haul the loco convoy and either is already at, or will be soon, the Nemesis site at Burton on Trent.
It is scheduled to collect 40012 + 40013 from Barrow Hill on MONDAY APRIL 9TH and all being well will then head to York for D200 and then head to Bury.

After the APRIL class 40 event at Bury has finished, arrangements have been made with CFA CHAIRMAN Paul Hill, that 40012 AUREOL will have an extended stay at BURY, until October... and possibly beyond.

The CFPS Purchases 2 x 20 Foot Containers

The CFPS have purchased 2 x 20 foot containers from Neil Boden that housed an assortment of spare parts.
One container was collected last Tuesday (16th January) from Washwood Heath and moved to The ELR and the other was collected Tuesday (23rd January) and moved to Bury.
The job was undertaken by Site Movements of Bury who did a great job for us using one of their smaller cranes !!

D200 to visit the ELR

The NRM have now agreed in principle that D200 can attend the 3 Day Class 40 60th Anniversary Gala at The East Lancashire Railway scheduled to run on Friday April 13th to Sunday April 15th.

Please note that the loco will not be operational but it is intended to have it stabled around the station area during the course of the event.

We are also examining the possibility of a photo shoot of all the attending locos, but if it does take place it may be on the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the event starting on The Friday.
If anybody would be interested in attending a photo shoot, would you please register your interest here.
The reason for the request is that subject to the amount of interest shown we may try and organise a day time photo shoot and also an evening one.
Thanks folks

John Stephens

40135 to move to the SVR for 2 years - More details to follow soon...

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